Thursday, May 20, 2010


Wording on Hawaii ballot envelopes

may lead to uncounted ballots

From Ballotpedia

The current ballot envelopes to be used in Hawaii contain a typo that could result in Ballots not being scanned. On the privacy envelopes for absentee ballots, a set of instructions is printed detailing how to use them. The wording on step 2 is "2. After you have finished voting, remove the ballot stub by folding along the perforation and tearing carefully. Place the voted ballot(s), and nothing else, into this Secret Ballot Envelope and seal the envelope." The (s) in this sentence may lead voters to place more than one ballot in a single envelope, In this scenario only one ballot would be counted. [1]
Hawaii GOP chairman Willes K. Lee would like for the office of elections to start an aggressive voter education campaign to let voters know about the typo, so they will not make this mistake. Rex Quidilla of the Office of Elections disagrees with Chairman Lee, stating "it is up to absentee voters to follow instructions and know better than to try to put more than one ballot in the envelopes. You have to follow instructions," [1]

Information For People who have Moved or Changed Addresses
Any registered voter, who changes residence from one precinct or county to another, shall notify the clerk and change the registration to the proper precinct or county by the appropriate registration deadline.

Electronic vote fraud
Electronic voting is a system in which computer touch screens are used to gather votes, but since it has been implemented in the late 1980's it has been prone to voting fraud and irregularities.

Although electronic voting can help make election administration more efficient, it has also presented challenges including software failures and a vulnerability to fraud.


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