Friday, May 7, 2010


Cynthia MillerCynthia K. Miller -  a former head of his district office and treasurer for his U.S. senatorial campaign. Miller currently runs a Chicago real estate firm.

Jennifer Mason, Director of Constituent Servics, Chicago Office of Senator Obama,  

Letter Sent To Senator Obama
Sent: Wed, Jun 6 4:46 PM
Subject: Ms. Mason
Thank you for the assistance you have given. Please, do not contact Senator Akaka's office again, on my behalf. Unless there is some necessary secrecy to an investigation he is doing, all I have received from his offices is a letter in response to my inquiring about funds for the Hawaii State Library. My concerns extend much further than this. Hopefully, the light being shed on activities in the Justice Department will lend itself to some justice for me. Otherwise, it will be nothing but justice delayed and denied.














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