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JULY 18, 2009

Isle Schools Eligible for Walmart’s ‘Write to Change the Classroom’ Program:

The program will award 20 teachers nationwide with $4,000 in supplies to improve classroom conditions for young learners and to further a cause that began with one courageous letter. Last February, Ty’Sheoma Bethea, a junior high student in South Carolina , wrote a letter to her congressman detailing the dilapidated conditions at her school.

Several months later, the 14-year-old is being rewarded for her efforts with a beautifully re-supplied classroom, courtesy of Walmart, and special recognition from President Barack Obama.

Selected finalists will receive $4,000-worth of school supplies to their designated classroom and an additional $4,000 toward supplies for their entire school.

Essays will be judged on level of need, creativity and the positive impact these supplies will have on the school.

Vernon says, Just what dilapidated schools need - a measly $8000 bailout. LEVEL OF NEED; should be enough. CREATIVITY; may be lacking due to the MUCKED UP CONDITIONS of the school. POSITIVE IMPACT; should be obvious.


" The Washington Times disagrees: "What is on display is not responsibility but irresponsibility. This is the new reality in America, that those with political pull will benefit, those without will not ... Connections are replacing competence as a measure of a person's worth."

Vernon says,
Not responsibility or irresponsibility, but PRETEXT VIGNETTES. Thoughtout, well planned, coreographed hype.


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